Needle Free

Our needle-free vaccination unit is responsible for the dissemination of innovative vaccination techniques and specifically working on penetrating the healthcare sector through Pharmajet.

The Pharma Jet Needle-Free Injection is intended to deliver various medications and vaccines either intramuscularly or subcutaneously by means of a narrow, high velocity fluid jet, which penetrates the skin and delivers the medicine or vaccine to the body.

Healthcare providers who routinely administer injections may use the Pharma Jet Needle-Free Injection system. It may be used for adults and children, it can also be used by patients authorized by their physicians to self-inject, or have other individuals administer injections of prescribed medication.

The Pharma Jet Stratis 0.5mL Needle–Free Injector System is a Compact, Spring-loaded needle-free injector system. It consists of a single-use sterile disposable needle-free syringe, a single-use sterile disposable Filling Adapter, an Injector and a Reset Station.