Medical wellness

Medical Wellness

Medical wellness is an approach for delivering health care that considers the multiple influences on a person's health. Furthermore, different techniques that help reshape and rejuvenate almost any area of the body. In the past, plastic surgery has been the only answer to these issues. Now, non-invasive technology has been employed to achieve a reduction in size of certain body areas, increased tone in lax or redundant skin and a diminished appearance of cellulite.

SSMC set up its Medical Wellness Division in 2012 to operate in the GCC Region and Lebanon with the objective of meet the demands of an emerging new era of aesthetic transformation without the complications and downtime resulting from surgery as well as provide for its clients the latest in medical wellness technology tools for redefining beauty and boosting self-esteem.

In our awareness of this trend, and to keep up with the innovations of the ever expanding world of plastics and cosmetics, and make all this easily available in an interactive way to the patients, educating them on the latest techniques of the aesthetic and dermatology solutions that are all mainly non-invasive techniques.

Medical Wellness Division offer international world class aesthetics and plastic-derma products to doctors and patients throughout the Middle East:

Products from HumanMed

  • Body-jet device employs the gentle power of water-jet assisted lipoplasty (WAL); it uses a gentle jet of water to simultaneously dislodge and remove fat from the body, while sparing blood vessels, nerves and surrounding tissue, and is the most effective for FAT transfer and gravity... read more

  • Body-jet® evo represents an innovative enhancement to the 1st generation of the proven and reliable body-jet®. These products have turned water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL) into a successful and worldwide established method of gentle adipose tissue harvesting and autologous fat transfer... read more

Products from MyoScience

  • Iovera or ‘Frotox’ as it has been nicknamed, is a toxin free wrinkle treatment designed to deliver immediate results with nothing left behind in the body.... read more

Products from Ion Genius, Inc.

  • Ion magnum is a signaling technology that utilizes both subcutaneous and visceral fat as an energy source to toned and built muscles... read more

  • I-ellios is an amazing breakthrough technology in anti-aging and regenerative medicine that is non-invasive and non-surgical treatment for a painless facial lift... read more