MD Message

It gives me great pleasure, on this occasion, to express my wholehearted thanks and sincere appreciation to all our principals throughout the world, as well as our valued clients in both the government and private sectors in the State of Kuwait, for their utmost cooperation and full support throughout the years.

Such determined support made it possible for BSBC to achieve the prominent position that it now enjoys.

From its modest beginnings in 1960 to its present leadership in its field, BSBC has succeeded in constantly evolving and adapting itself to its dynamic environment.

At the same time, it has coped admirably with changes in technology and has utilized such technological advancement to achieve its objectives.

Adherence to the following basic principles has always guided, and nourished, our growth and success:

  • Utmost professionalism in providing services in the medical field.
  • Promptness and competence in its performance.
  • Diligence in monitoring new trends and developments in the international medical field and using these findings to benefit local society.
  • Active participation in the development of medical services in Kuwait.
  • Pride in our heritage and cultural values and tireless efforts towards their preservation.