GM Message

AL Saudi Sultan Medical Company (SSMC) is one of the leading medical companies, with an active presence in the region. We have continued to maintain the leadership position in 2009 with a growth rate of over 50% despite the economic downturn seen globally.

SSMC has managed to keep this position and play a vital role in the health care business by having a highly skilled work force incorporating leading technologies, harnessing challenges and opportunities, venturing into new markets and adapting to the latest advances in medical technology. This has been evident from the incredible success of Zerona The "Laser" Diet in the region ( )

Today, as we approach our golden anniversary and looking back to our modest beginning in 1960, I am proud to say that BSBC has expanded regionally and currently has 13 divisions to stream line its operations effectively with a high level of customer satisfaction. We have been witnessing a tremendous expansion with remarkable and exponential growth.

SSMC continues to look forward to a challenging future and excel itself dynamically to maintain a leading position in the Middle East region.