Critical Care


Monitoring of the key cardiovascular parameters of blood pressure, cardiac output and oxygen delivery is essential for many major surgical and acutely ill patients. In addition, there are many other patients that could benefit from real-time cardiovascular monitoring if it were available in a safe and easy to apply manner. This was the philosophy that resulted in the development, design and manufacture of the unique LiDCOplus Hemodynamic Monitor.

The LiDCOplus system is a combination of the two innovative and novel monitors - the LiDCO System indicator dilution cardiac output monitor and the PulseCO System real time, continuous arterial waveform monitor, produced by LiDCO Ltd.

This unique combination provides beat-to-beat measurement of cardiac output with lower risk and high precision 68.

The LiDCO™ System cardiac output method provides a bolus indicator dilution method of measuring cardiac output. A small dose of lithium chloride is injected via a central or peripheral venous line; the resulting arterial lithium concentration-time curve is recorded by withdrawing blood past a lithium sensor attached to the patient’s existing arterial line. In terms of accuracy, clinical studies have demonstrated that over a wide range of cardiac outputs the LiDCO method is at least as accurate as thermodilution and even in patients with varying cardiac outputs 7-12. In one study LiDCO and thermodilution cardiac output were compared with an electromagnetic flow probe.