At a Glance

Saudi Sultan Medical Company may not be as deep rooted in history as our 53 year old associate company in Kuwait, BSBC, but we have the same genes and are equally motivated to become a leader in our own rights and in the same field of marketing  and sales of a wide range of medical equipment and supplies.

We cover the entire Kingdom from our Head Office in Riyadh and our branch in Khobar and the soon to be established Jeddah Branch. Al-Sultan Saudi Medical Co. represents renowned world leading manufacturers of medical equipment and supplies in the GCC countries and operate a marketing office in Dubai Healthcare City.

Our latest specialization focus is in the Medical Wellness niche of the market and particularly in the laser applications in body contouring and obesity treatment. This does not mean that the other fields of expertise are in any way underplayed. We still sell state of the art equipment and supplies in the areas of cardiology, endoscopy, diabetes, oncology………